Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vacation post Ironman

It's always fun to spend a few days on the back end of an Ironman, or any big race for that matter exploring the we did just that!

We went to a Rockies Game!
They lost, but that's ok. Saw some batting practice, checked out the row of seats 1-mile high, made the jumbo-tron, had drinks at the tavern, watched some Olympics at the Restaurant and saw a beautiful sunset!

Touring the Broncos Stadium
Never something I would have said, hey, let's do this, but it was actually super fun! Really interesting, especially if you are a Broncos fan. The Colorado Sports Hall of Fame is there too...definitely worth checking out, I highly recommend it!

I've been through and around Seattle a whole bunch of times, but never had the opportunity to spend actual time in Seattle City Center. Scott got us a CityPass and we had a 12-hour layover on our way back home...perfect time to explore! We went to the Space Needle, Public Market and had all sorts of delicious food, EMP, Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum (definitely worth the $$ and time!!) and Etta's for lunch (thanks Casey for the recommendation!). 

and now we're back home and back in the swing of things. Happy Wednesday!

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