Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kona in Pictures

Took me a little longer than anticipated, but here's a few pictures to recap my Kona....in no particular order
exiting the swim....1/3 done...kind of....
I was enjoying the bike at this point in time

Everyone looks so excited to be wide awake at 3something am

new kick ass BlueSeventy training suit, thanks to Mike Orton

Planet Sunning it up

The plan to walk up Palani failed when I saw everyone cheering away on the sidelines
what a looooooooong day

I'm right over there by the orange bouy...don't you see me?!

not quite sure how I was still smiling at this point...but check out those guys....no shame....
thanks for making the trip Mom!

both feet off the ground in the finishers chute! 

not happy with life right now...

all smiles 

Thanks again to everyone who came out and supported throughout the long day. What an experience, I can't wait to be back again in the future!!


I'm going to TRY to start updating this thing more regularly again....while I do this, I will be changing the web address in order to find my ramblings. The new site will be lectiealtman.blogspot.com