Friday, October 21, 2016


Well, it's been 2 weeks, so I'd say it's about time to get my thoughts on page. I've struggled to put together a typical race report, so that's not what this is going to be. This was a really HARD race and a TOUGH day for me. It is KONA, it is the World Championships, if it were easy, it wouldn't be KONA. I had a GOOD day and a day I can be PROUD of, but the competitor in me always wants more and BETTER. There are always things I can improve upon and I think that's one thing that makes Ironman/long distance triathlon racing so much matter what there's always room for improvement. I may not have had the day I wanted to have, but I am proud of myself for NEVER GIVING UP and finishing the day I started. It would be a disservice to everyone that has been there for me over the past months and years if I quit because it wasn't the day I was hoping for. Scott did much better job of putting words to paper....
So, instead of your typical play-by-play, I want to say thanks. I am by no means going to be able to thank each and every person that has helped me get to where I am right now, but I will do my best. Please don't be offended if you are not mentioned by name, that does not mean you are not appreciated...I truly appreciate all the Kokua from everyone. 
Thanks is not enough....
Scott...Thank you for believing in me always, for supporting me no matter what, for knowing exactly what to say and when, for putting up with my crazy early mornings and early nights, for making and delivering breakfast and lunch to me at work, for loving me no matter what, for being my bike sponsor ;-) for being the most encouraging, accommodating, loving partner I could ask for...I can't wait for our upcoming adventures
Raul...I couldn't ask for a better coach, friend, mentor. You know when to push and when to back off. We had a great season, one I think we can both be proud of, I'm just sorry I couldn't deliver 2 weeks ago...we worked hard and the best is yet to come.
Michelle and Gary...for always being there for any kind of ride or run or room/bed or dinner, no matter what time or how crazy, I can always count on you two...well Michelle anyways! :-)
Kendra...for putting up with my crazy since January...thanks! Now we just need to get your bike back together.
Jeff...always up for any kind of ride, no matter the time or distance, you're game!
Ray and Scott...thanks for keeping my bike in top's had some issues this year and you've been there to take care and always fix her up.
My matter what I can always count on you guys...daily phone calls, 6000+miles and if I need you, you're here in a second (well 10 hours), but whenever and whatever I need, no questions asked. I could go on and on about your love and support over the last 32 years, but that's an entirely different post. Hawaii family, I'm so luck to have found you all. Such love and support.
ROKA...the best in the biz...racking up FOTWs thanks to all of your support!
BioAstin...glad to be part of such a great group of people. Happy to support and represent such a great company and product
UH Masters...5am is early, but it makes getting in those swims much more enjoyable...thanks DJ for always pushing me and Dan for the killer workouts.
Turbo Tuesdays and pre runs...Ryan and Co. these Tuesdays were essential and I always look forward to them.
George...I will start taking care of my body better next season, I promise!
Jaco...see above!
Planet Sun...go long, go strong, go protected....thanks for keeping my skin protected in the strong Hawaiian sun!
32 and 117...Thousands of miles separate us all, but no matter what we are there for one another, I couldn't ask for better girlfriends!
All the rest of the Kona competitors....thanks for making it a long, fun day out there...until next time

I know I missed a ton of people, but just know this....Thanks is not enough, but THANKS from me to you.

Until next time Kona.....