Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swamp Romp

Every year here, the Marine Corps base puts on a little race called the SWAMP ROMP. The swamp romp is basically a five mile race through the muddy, deep, smelly, dirty swamps and a little bit of nice ocean on the the base. Sounds enticing right? I never thought I would enter a race like this ever, but what the heck, a group of friends out for a five-mile romp in the swap, sure sign me up!

The course takes you over and under obstacles, through the ocean, under camo nets and up and over walls. It's a five mile fun fest that you get to complete with five other people.

One of our friends suggested entering the race a few months back and I though to myself sure, why not, it sounds kinda fun, I'm in! I totally didn't think he was being serious when he asked and to my surprise, about 2 weeks before the race I get an email that was sent to myself and 4 other people from el capitan Iovo. I guess he was serious when he asked about this race...note to self be careful what you agree to when Iovo asks!

Now we needed to come up with team costumes or outfits or something to wear since apparently at this race people dress up in crazy outfits and have a good time. Well being the boring, non-creative, triathletes that we are we decided to be team BOCA triathletes. We headed over to the shop and picked up some t-shirts from Raul and that was that. Green BOCA shirts and black tights, that was the costume. Simple, easy and something we all had. (this ended up working out perfectly)

Race morning: wake up 4:15am. It's like I was getting up for a serious race or something. Got dressed and headed over to Kailua for some per race prep, aka duct taping on the old sneakers so they didn't fall off in the mud. Note to self: if I ever do this race again, I need to figure out a better way to keep on the shoes, my achilles and front foot is all cut up from the rubbing of the tape...not pleasant! We all piled into the truck and headed over to MCBH.

We had a late start time to we just wandered around (after I ate it for the first time walking over to the start...super embarrassing, but I am clumsy, oh well) waiting for our time, checking out costumes and people watching, I wish I had better pictures of some of the getups people were in, it was definitely a great way to pass an hour.

Finally it's our time to go. We started the race with 6 people (you only need to finish with 5 to officially finish). We had every intention of just running the race, having a good time and all finishing together, but after about 2.5 miles we ended up a group of five. Anyways, the race starts out and they don't hesitate to get you dirty, you head right down into a trench of mud and gunk and water. They don't call it the swamp romp for nothing. There's a lot of in and out of water, mud, and dirty for the first bit of the race, with a few obstacles thrown in there (things to climb over, nets to crawl under in the sand once you are already dirty and wet so the sand sticks nicely to your skin, etc). After that a what feels like forever beach run and then it's a good little stretch of flat semi fast trails where you can just book it. Some more obstacles and then the real swamp...Just think mud up to above the knees, shoes getting stuck, sewer smells. There was no running here, just trudging through, after that it's the home stretch a little jog on the grass then the finish. We crossed the finish line, hands held/arms linked in 1:06 and ended up 3rd in the mixed division. Go us!!

All-in-all it was a great day and I would totally do it again (but next time I'll have a better keeping the shoes on method).

A few more pictures from the day....

getting muddy

I totally threw my shoes in there after the race

making sure the GoPro is on and working...can't wait to see the video

silly people trying to clean off in the'll get plenty more dirty very soon

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Weekend

Long weekends are great for many reasons: sunrises, sunsets, long bike rides, fun runs and finally a day to sleep past 6am. If only Dave was here to have fun on these long weekends as well.   
This weekend started out with a great ride on Saturday morning. We rode from Kualoa Beach Park, where I got this pretty great sunrise picture, to Pupukea on the North Shore. Once we got to Pupukea, someone got the genius idea to ride to this Boy Scout Camp that's at the top of this hill..not a little hill, a pretty steep hill. From all of this hill climbing I've been doing on the bike lately, I better be prepared for the rolling hills of CdA! (But I did see that they happened to change up the bike course this year, to make it less technical and a think a little less hilly....stay tuned, a little over 4 months to go).    I was a bad on Friday and couldn't get in my run so to make up for it, I decided to run on Saturday after the bike. So since we were up there, we decided it might be fun to try to go run on Kualoa Ranch. This is a ranch that does horse rides, ATV rides and tours of movie sets. Lost, Jurassic Park and a few other major motion pictures were filmed on this ranch and we were right there, so let's try to go run. We drove a few miles down the road and got to a cattle gate and some barbed wire, climbed through the gate and off we went. It is beautiful back there, the one time I go running somewhere new and forget my camera!! Oh well, I'm sure I'll be back there in the near future and I'll be sure to snap some shots. The plan was to run until we got questioned, stopped or we hit the 30 minute mark, then turn around and head back to the car. Well, we made it all of about 14 minutes until we got caught. Apparently, you need a pass in order to run on private property....who knew?! ;-) So we turned around and headed back towards the main office. That was our next excuse if we got stopped, "I'm sorry, we were trying to find the main office to get our passes and we got lost." The main office was in our sights and we ran over a cattle gate (one of many) and were running toward this huge bull, as soon as we started through this pasture the bull stood up and stared at us. That was more than enough for me, I turned around and ran right out of the main office and out of the park. Then it was a nice little run back to our car. All-in-all a great Saturday bike/run. I definitely want to get back to Kualoa Ranch, get a pass and run back there at some point, it would totally be worth it. Much nicer than running through regular old neighborhoods.

Sharks Cove ride pit stop

Sunday was a Tantalus run day, I love running on Tantalus, 5 miles up, 5 miles down. It's my favorite place to run a solid 10 miles! After that the obligatory, weekend Jamba stop, then off to Ala Moana for an easy 2k swim. 

Relaxing on the beach...thanks for the picture Jody
Monday was a great day. My rest day, a day off from work, a sleep in day and an afternoon spent lounging on the beach.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adventure Bike

This past Saturday, we went on what I'm going to call an "Adventure Bike." It wasn't your typical, get on your bike and ride for 3+ hours. Well, it was, but it was broken up a bit by a little hike-a-bike action. It's always nice doing a different ride because the same route week-in and week-out can get a bit boooooring.

We started at our normal meeting place, Paki, where else!? And quickly found out that we were going to be riding up and over the Pali (coming back down the other side is what I was worried about, climbing doesn't worry me, it's the getting back down going fast on the bike that I'm not used to yet). If you aren't from here and don't know what that is, it's just a mountain, no big deal. Anyways, we were going to ride over the Pali, into Kaneohe, turn around and ride through the Botanical Gadens and up the Old Pali (thanks Michelle for the pictures!) I've never ridden through the gardens or up the Old Pali....note to self...learn how to ride better over speed bumps or else you're going to flat. I thought going up the Old Pali would be pretty tough since the road it covered in down branches and leaves and is usually SUPER slippery, but it wasn't bad at all, it was actually pretty fun.

Now begins, hike-a-bike. After we got to the top of the  Old Pali, we had to hop off our bikes and squeeze under the overpass to get to a trail. Once we got to that point, you would think we could get back on our bikes and just start riding, well some people did, but I wasn't about to hurt myself by riding on a path that is less than 2 feet wide with a drop off on one side....I don't do well with heights. It was a lot of on and off the bike for about 30 minutes and then we got some free space and could start riding again. Somehow, I have no idea how, but we ended back up at the Pali Lookout and were able to head back into town, not suite sure how we got where we went on Saturday, but that's what makes it fun right. New rides, new routes, new adventures. Gotta keep it interesting. It was a great workout and fun times with friends. I wish Dave could have been there as well, he really would have enjoyed this ride.
Kim, hiking her bike!

A bit blurry, but could have been a cool shot of one of the many views on our adventure.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Biathlon

I've been lazy with the blog posting.....

My friend, Joy, convinced me to sign up with her to do the Valentine's Day Biathlon, a little local race put on by Waikiki Swim Club....a 5k run and 1000m swim. We decided to do the race as a team and entered the "just friends" division. Joy the runner and me the swimmer. Perfect, all I have to do is swim 1000m, sign me up!

Not quite that easy, I needed to get a run in before the race, so I got up at 3:45am on Sunday morning...crazy, yes, very crazy, the things we do for friends! :-) I ran a nice easy 8.5 before the race, so I got in a good warmup.

We were super excited for this fun little race and we wanted to go fast! But most importantly we wanted to have a great transition hand-off...I can't find the picture, but just believe me, it was the best "kiss" of the day, we totally should have won. Well, besides the proposal that happened in transition, that one takes the cake.

Joy, had a super fast run (I'm calling it sub 20minutes because that's what her watch said!), so fast that she was seeing stars by the end of the race. After that, I was off to swim. I ran past one person as I was heading into the water, hit the water and I was off. The first half of the race was great, I was swimming past, around, and through people, feeling pretty strong in the water (considering I'm only swimming once a week right now! ha).

As soon as I hit the turn around buoy, I knew I would be in a bit of trouble as the sun was rising. I knew I was going to have trouble sighting on the way home and I wasn't going to be able to see anything, it's always like that at Ala Moana in the morning. I took off from the two people that were hanging out on my feet, that got annoying pretty fast. So, I started swimming toward the only thing I could see, a yellow cap. I just hoped that he was swimming in the right direction an followed him the whole way in. It turns out that he was, thank goodness. I finished up my portion of the race in just over 16-minutes, not to shabby for someone who hasn't been swimming a ton, I'll take it!

Joy and I ended up winning our division and we were the 4th team if you look at the overall results. All-in-all a very successful and fun morning. Would totally do another biathlon with Joy...any day, anytime, anywhere!