Monday, November 25, 2013

Give Thanks

November is the month of thanks, I guess it's my turn to jump on the bandwagon...I think we should be thankful year round, but if it takes a specific month to make people sit back and reflect on the important things in life then I guess that's ok too.

I've learned a lot in the past year and a half and first and foremost is (if you know me, you've probably heard me say this a million times in the past year, sorry!) that if you want to be happy in life, you need to do what makes you, yourself happy. If you aren't happy, you can't and won't be able to do anything for anyone else and you will be a miserable person to be around. You can put a smile on your face and pretend everything is rainbows and butterflies, but the people who really  know you will know you are faking it and once you are able to make that change you will truly be able to be happy and enjoy life.

Enough of that, in no particular order these are some things that I am thankful for this year:

  • My Family...they are always there for me no matter what: happy, sad, mad, ugly, tough, stressful, joyous, no matter the occasion or mood, they are always there (even when I'm having my crazy girl moments)
  • My Friends...both near and far...they too are always there for me no matter what and will give me their honest thoughts opinions even when I might not necessarily want them and for that I am (now, finally) grateful. 
  • My Health...getting up every morning and being able to do pretty much whatever I want to do is something I used to take for granted, but as I get older and become more aware that the world can and will throw anything to get in your way at any given point in time makes me appreciate my health
  • Hawaii...I'm so lucky to be able to call Hawai'i home, I've been here almost 5 years (wow!) and although Hawai'i is very far from my family and friends back on the mainland, I can say that I am 100% happy here and have created a Hawai'i Ohana that I truly treasure 
  • The little things...sleeping in, walks on the beach, a real note in the mail, cuddling, sunrises and sunsets, swimming in the ocean, home-cooked dinners with friends, sunrise runs....
There are so many things to be thankful for and these are just a few. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Gobble, Gobble