Friday, December 9, 2011

Race Week

I can't believe it's Friday of race week already! Only two more sleeps until the marathon. :-)  It seems like yesterday, it was August and the Marathon Readiness Races were just beginning.

Last week was a typical taper week: antsy, agitated, starving, grumpy, tired, sore, etc. Nothing I did felt good, but that's typical, at least for me, if I didn't feel that way I would be worried.  So, when this week rolled around I was hoping I would feel a little better than last week and I did/do to an extent, it's getting better by the day and that's good because the race is getting closer by the day! Today is a rest day and I think it will be just the trick to get me totally ready for Sunday morning at 5am!

Monday night was the Readiness Dinner they have every year after the series (5 races, 111k) is complete. It was a nice distraction from the restlessness I was experiencing. Check it out Rachel was 1st female overall! Great fast running lady, I sense a sub-3 marathon for you! Kim was 4th overall, can't wait to see what Sunday has in store for you! And I ended up 2nd overall. 

Wednesday was the obligatory 4x400m sprints, race week speed workout. It went famously!  Was super happy with where I was at and getting pumped for the race on Sunday.

Thursday night massages, also a standard race week activity. Much needed. Who ever complains about a massage anyways? Not this girl!

Rest Day Friday

Saturday, packet pick up and last minute race prep

5am Sunday Morning....GO TIME!

As my college swim coach used to say, "The hay is in the barn!" Let's do this!

I'm so ready for this race, I've done a lot more preparation this year than I did for the marathon last year (I had a much stronger training base going into marathon prep this time around which I'm pretty sure helped some) and can't wait to see what happens on Sunday. I've got my race plan all set and ready to go, picking up my packet tomorrow, then it's game time!

Marathon #2, here I come...


  1. I did the same track workout Weds.:) See you out there, have a great race!

  2. You know what is going to go famously on Sunday? YOU! You are so ready and so focused, I can hardly wait to see what happens. Your dedication to your plan and your progress is impressive and inspiring! Go get em Lectie!!!

  3. Have a super race on Sunday! I'll be cheering! :)