Monday, December 4, 2017

Venture Race 2.0

I wanted to start this post with this....what a great place to call home, when you are thousands of mile away from where you grew up, it's great when you have friends that you can call family.
This was the second year of this "race" and I sure hope it keeps happening year after year.  Think Amazing Race meets being silly, interval training, belly laughs, dressing up in costumes, competitive fun and following clues on Biki Bikes all over downtown Honolulu. Last year was the tester year to see how it all worked out and it was such a success that this year the event was larger and many more friends were present! I was also able to bring on a little help from the lovely ladies at Coeur to provide sweet treats and gift cards for some of the participants, ROKA for some swim caps and Honey Stinger for some bars!! This year the event grew in numbers and Joy and Amanda were great race directors, organizers and party planners. Hopefully next year we can have even more people!
Thanks Bonnie for the cookies and awards, Lori for getting Biki on board, the boys (Gary, Jeff, Shane, Shawn) and Hina for being elves at all of our stops and Michelle and Thomas were gracious enough to open their house afterwards for awards, breakfast and mimosas.  (and all the other people who donated to the event!)
We weren't able to pull off the W this year, but we sure had a fun time trying! Thanks M and Lauren!! (Watch out Tri-animals....we are coming for you next year!!) :-)
 Heart and Courage!
 Go biki!!
Love for everyone!


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