Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I looked up recovery in the dictionary and here's what it had to say (the pertinent definitions)...
re·cov·ered re·cov·er·ing \-ˈkə-və-riŋ, -ˈkəv-riŋ\
1: to get back : regain
2: to bring back to normal position or condition
3: to make up for
4: to find or identify again
I really believe that recovery is essential for my mental state as well as for improved performance. Everyone has different ideas about recovery, for me, when I see recovery week on the schedule, I get super excited, it's gonna be a nice relaxing week. Well, it never actually turns out that way and I think this past week has taught me that recovery is essential, it's not always as fun as it seems like it's going to be and it's important to push through the funk because when you come out on the other side, you'll be stronger, more focused, rejuvenated and ready to tackle the last push before the big race.  

Last week was recovery week for me which meant shorter, less intense workouts and 2 days off??? What? That never happens, EVER!! The week started off pretty normal, nothing eventful or worthy of a blog post (clearly since I've been slacking in that department). Tuesday was alright, a normal day really, I think my body didn't really know what was coming yet; well, by the time my Wednesday night run rolled around, I was feeling terrible. I had no desire to complete any of the workouts and when I did get around to doing them, I was not motivated or 100% focused, I was kind of just going through the motions because I felt so off (tired, sore, lethargic, etc).

I had the worst feeling runs I've had in probably 3-4 months, but that's all part of recovery right? I guess my body was telling me it needed a rest and time to "get back again, bring back to normal position or make up for" all the weeks and months of hard training. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (especially Saturday) were all a struggle, it's not like the workouts were all that difficult or intense, I just felt tired...sort of like the taper funk that happens when you are resting and recovering before a big race. Finally, Sunday rolled around and Dave and I decided to go on a little group run (I had my fingers crossed the whole drive there that I'd be able to keep up and wouldn't fall apart like I had been doing all week) and guess what?? I was feeling back to normal-ish. I didn't want to stop and walk at all, excellent! I think it was a combination of #1 recovery body got some time to rest and recovery which is the whole point of the week right? and #2 the company!

Recovery week came just in the nick of time, I really do think that had I not had recovery week last week, it could have turned into a not-so-productive and frustrating week of training. I've never spent so much time in my compression socks as I did last week, but recovered I am. I'm rested, refreshed and I'm ready to get back at it!

It's only Wednesday, recovery week is a thing of the past and I'm back in the swing of things....6 weeks until Honolulu Marathon.

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