Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crisis in the Kitchen

So the 10-mile turkey Trot was this morning, but more on that later...

Last week, I managed to break 2 blenders and a food processor...all in 1 day!!! That's some feat and it's also almost the worst thing that can break in the kitchen, especially when I use my blender everyday!! Panic!! What am I going to do??? I could go to the store and buy another crappy, cheap, reasonably priced blender, but for as much as I use mine, it would probably end up broken in a few months to a year and then I'd have to go out and buy another one or I could bite the bullet and one of those fancy ones they are always demo-ing at Costco.

I guess Dave was talking with his Mom and she offered to buy us one!! Score! So, I did some research and was debating between getting the Vitamix or the BlendTec and guess which one won....
The BlendTec
very user friendly and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new blender
This was probably the easiest, fastest smoothie I've ever made! So this blender is makes smoothies, juices, sauces, dips, jams, salsa, spreads, soup (it really heats the soup when you blend it too!? how does that work, I'm excited to try out that function!), all sorts of different beverages, fondues, salad dressing, batters, syrups, bread dough, ice cream (what!? can't wait to try this out either). That's just a list of the few things this amazing blender makes.
I also made some pie crust last night, look at how nicely it forms the dough into a ball and you don't even have to do all the kneading yourself!

Super thankful for this gift and I'm looking forward to making some tasty treats with it in the near future!

Happy Turkey Day!

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