Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1 month to go

Just a few pictures from the weekend. Nice Kailua/Kaneohe/North Shore rain!! It was a beautiful "fall" Sunday.

Only a few (maybe 2) long long runs left before the's getting close. I can't believe marathon season here is over in about a month! Crazy, it's gone by so quickly! It seems like yesterday that summer was ending, the readiness series was beginning and the marathon was sooooo far away.   Well, here it comes, ready or not (I'm ready, I feel ready), 1 month to go, it's crunch time.

This past weekend was a long run 3:10, I got in, right around 22 miles (with the IM CdA people) perfect, just right. This coming weekend, shorter faster is on tap. Anything under 2 hours seems like a "short" run to me now, which is mind boggling, who would have tought that I'd ever think a "short" run is less than 2 hours. I still can't wrap my head around how my head got to that point.
The following weekend is the infamous FFLR (FastFinishLongRun), which might be interesting seeing as how it is also the day of the last race of the readiness series (the half marathon or 21k). So, as of right now the plan is to get up super early and run for an hour/1:30 before the race, easy peasy, super relaxed and then run the race...stay tuned. After that it's Thanksgiving week, the Turkey Trot (10 mile team run, no watch, no music, predict your time, closest team to overall guestimated time wins...should be fun times with CdA crew again) and Turkey Swim, then it's the most wonderful time of the year....taper time.

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