Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Marathon Readiness Series....complete

The half marathon, 21k, last race of the marathon readiness series, was on Sunday. It also happened to be my last scheduled long run before the marathon. What to do, what to do?

I could either bag the race and just run on my own or I could wake up wicked early, run before the race, run the race and turn it into my FFLR, as was the plan. Well bagging a race is never something I choose to do, if it isn't necessary, so an early wake up it was. I got in an easy 7 miles before the race and then it was game time!

Check out the cool race singlet I got to wear

The Race:
I think, had I done the first seven miles and didn’t need to stop for 10 minutes or so for pre race instructions the beginning part of the race wouldn’t have been as difficult as it was. The first six miles were a struggle (strong headwind, tired legs, mentally not in the race yet); however, I was able to be pretty consistent; right around 7:35s (thanks Aaron for keeping me going). Finally, right before the turn around point, I got my second wind and was feeling great. I started to pick up the pace and was able to finish out the race feeling strong.

All-in-all I was super happy with the result, a 9 minute PR is never something to complain about and I ended up 2nd or 3rd AG (the results posted 2nd, but I’m pretty sure they were messed up because I saw Joy finish about 20 seconds ahead of me and we started at the same time). This was hands down the largest and fastest race of the series and normally I’m not a huge fan of half-marathons, but I was pleasantly surprised with this race, it was super fun and I’m looking forward to the marathon in 19 days!

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