Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Waikiki (not so) Roughwater

This is a few days late, oh well, you'll live, I'm pretty sure about 5 people read this anyways. So, I get up on Monday morning (usually my day off) and another race...yipee!! I was NOT in the mood to race at all so I decided before the start that I was going to use it as a nice little training swim with 1000 of my closest friends! People come from all over (New York, Cali, Texas, Australia, Japan, etc) to do this race, it's not a casual local ocean swim race like the North Shore Swim Series that happens over the summer.

I get my start wave and find out I'm in the first wave, great, just what I didn't want, a bunch of crazies running into the water and swimming on top of each other to find clear water (nothing compared to an IM start, I'm sure, which I'm totally anxious about, btw) I settled into the back and just walked into the water behind everyone.  I'm sure people were thinking what is this girl doing, why isn't she running in with everyone else!? Well that wasn't the smartest idea, now I'm way behind and swimming alone, just what I thought I wanted, but I HATE swimming in the ocean, especially alone, the whole shark/wild animal thing doesn't appeal to me, I'm a pool swimmer for sure. 

So I sprinted my butt off to get to the first turn bouy and once I got there I settled in behind a group of, of course, 13 year-old girls! They were going at a pretty good pace and I had some nice feet to swim on the whole way, but they can't site for anything, everytime they pick up their heads to look where they are going they stand straight up in the water and I practically swim over top of them! argh! But, no complaining here, they were good feet and I swam with them the entire way, saw some pretty cool fish (no sharks!) and ended up finishing right around an hour (1:01).  Not too shabby for just finding some feet and drafting the whole swim. I would have liked to be under an hour and had I been trying and not daydreaming the entire swim, I for sure would have been, but like I said before, just a nice little training swim with 1000 of my closest friends!

No pictures from the actual race, but here's a few from before and after

Kim and I post race

Kathryn, Harry, me, Kim, Frans, Aaron and Jane pre-race
Joy, Kim and I...thanks for coming to see us Joy!

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  1. I'm 1 of 5 that reads! Dont' worry. it'll pick up. i think i only have about 20 that read haha