Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lost a toenail

So, I haven't even had any super long runs yet this marathon season and I already lost a toenail after last night's speed workout (I'll spare you the picture, I'm sure you've seen one before). I guess that means the running's going well?!

Wednesday afternoon speedwork: When I first started running abut a year and a half ago, I dreaded speedwork Wednesday's, now they are almost my favorite part of the week (when I'm having a good day, haha). I don't usually go to the track, #1 because it's too far away and the traffic sucks in the afternoons and #2 track workouts alone are not fun, so I either use the treadmill at 1% or a marked course on the road. Yesterday was 3x1.25 @ HM pace and I convinced Dave to go with me.  Probably the best speed workout I've had to date.  Was able to hold low 7:00s (712, 706...then right around 655) for all three of the repeats! I felt super strong, like I had another gear, which seems crazy to me that I could be running that pace and still feel like I could go faster, Craig must know what he's doing with all these speed workouts!

Took the day off from work tomorrow for Dave's Signal Ball and I need to get in an hour ride followed by a 2:30 Breakthrough Run beforehand so it's going to be an early morning.

Sleep well,

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