Sunday, September 18, 2011

Riding Bikes

So, I'm really starting to like riding my bike. It's not that I didn't enjoy it before, but when you ALWAYS ride alone it gets pretty boring, not to mention you (I) just ride super slow when I'm alone. There's something about having other people to ride with that keeps you motivated and makes you want to ride a little faster than usual (probably so I don't totally embarrass myself and  get completely left in the dust).

Now, I'm by no means FAST on the bike, I know I've got A LOT of work to do, before CdA next year, so I'm really happy that biking is growing on me!

Just keep biking, just keep biking, just keep biking (Finding Nemo, anyone?)

Calling it "riding bikes" instead of training, or long bike, or tempo ride, or you get the point makes it seem so much more fun! It makes me think of being a little kid and going out to ride bikes (which I wish I did more when I was younger....too much time in the pool I guess :) ) and who doesn't smile when you think of riding bikes when you were younger?! Minus the whole learning how process....lots of bumps, bruises and falling off (but that still happens now too doesn't it?)

Back Then there was no nutrition to worry about, no cadence or power meter to focus on, no bonking on the run when you have a brick workout, it was pure enjoyment and fun times with friends. So, even now when there are long rides, hill repeats, time trials or trainer workouts, I'm liking calling it "riding bikes," it makes me smile and want to go hop on the bike for 5+ hours. I'll still be worrying concentrating on my nutrition, cadence or whatever the focus of the ride is, but riding bikes, for now is super fun!

Just keep your fingers crossed that I can learn how to ride fast eventually!

Aaron and Dave mid riding bikes today
Riding bikes on Tantalus        

Dave and I taking a quick break while riding bikes

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