Monday, September 12, 2011

Riding Long and a Sunscreen Plug

Yesterday I got in my longest ride EVER! 70 miles, I know it's nothing to brag about because, lets be honest, 70 miles isn't long compared to where I'm going to need to get before next June, but I was happy with the day I had on the bike. 9 months until CdA, plenty of time, but only 2 until my first Century Ride,  yikes!

I'm so happy I have friends who like to ride bikes and who like to ride bikes for a long time because I convinced two of them to join me yesterday and although I can't keep up with them, they definitely kept me going the whole ride. It's amazing how fast 4 hours goes by when you have company and aren't looking at your bike computer every five minutes watching the miles slowly tick away. I didn't take any pictures the whole ride, whoops, Kim says if I don't take pictures it didn't happen, well it did happen and I'll be sure to take pictures next time, my bad.

Next weekend I have another big ride scheduled to get ready for the Century Ride the following weekend and we talked about doing a point 2 point ride next weekend from Ewa to Kailua with a little Waimanalo back roads loop thrown on at the end for a little extra, we'll see who is game and who isn't...stay tuned

Side note...I just bought some new sunscreen from PlanetSunHawaii and it is AMAZING! I was out in the sun riding for ~4hours, got no sunburn whatsoever and didn't have to reapply once. (A great buy if you are coming out here for Kona and aren't used to the sun, also just a great buy). This is the first suncreen I've found that can truly withstand sweat and doesn't run into your eyes. The face stick sunscreen is pretty thick and kind of a pain to apply, but it's worth the effort (you can wear it in the water and it'll stay on through a long bike run afterwards without reapplication),  and the regular body sunscreen, nothing special there except it stays on and leaves you sunburn free...a first under this hot Hawaiian sun.

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