Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hill Hell Day....


At the end of cycling clinic every year we head over to Maui to go climb Haleakala. Last year was the first year I participated and it didn't disappoint. I actually ended up going back over in June to race up the mountain at Cycle to the Sun. Can't wait to go back again this year! Anyways, last Saturday was the last weekend before we hop on over to Maui to go climb "the beast" aka Haleakala. The perfect time to get in some solid climbing here on Oahu. We like to call this day, Hill Hell Day. Here's a recap of last year in case you are curious 2015 Hill Hell Day. (this wasn't the BOCA hill hell day, but it was still a day full of climbing and those are the best days on the bike, in my opinion!)

Here's a link that details ALLTHEHILLS here on Oahu....Oahu Hill Climbs

This year we climbed....
Hanauma Bay

Kalama Valley

Kamehame Ridge

Mariners Ridge

Waialae Iki/Laukahi
St. Louis

5500 ft of climbing in 53 miles, I'll take it!! A beautiful day to ride bikes with friends and that is ALWAYS a good day.

And then on Sunday, we celebrated our good friends Tammy and Felipe who are about to embark on a new journey in their lives, moving to California, traveling across the country, enjoying each other and life! Super excited for their journey and they will be greatly missed!
How lucky am I to have all these great people in my life?! Blessed.

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