Monday, March 14, 2016

Maui Part 1

Every year at the end of BOCA's cycling clinic we take a trip over to Maui to climb Haleakala (the world's longest paved climb, from sea level to summit at 10,023ft)! Last year was the first year I went over and I sure wasn't going to miss it this year.

But first, on Friday night we had a nice dinner at Hana Ranch Provisions in Paia town, super yummy "farm-to-table" meal. Because that's the trendy thing to do now, right?! And we ended the evening with some Gelato, of course. Gotta fuel up for the weekend!

Saturday morning was the West Maui Mountain loop ride. 60-ish miles 4,500ish feet of climbing....
It's always a nice ride, maybe one of my favorites...however with outer island riding, it's hard to choose my favorite because the roads are so nice and smooth AND the drivers are not jerks AND there are actually shoulders you can ride safely on AND there's actually bike lanes AND it's Maui. 

Anyways, the ride is always touted to be a nice cruise-y social ride, with a stop for crepes and coffee at Maui Swiss Cafe in Lahina right before the final push home. The last little stretch home is always a doozy...riding into what feels like 40mph headwinds for 15-20 miles to get back to the hotel. But it's a great day and ride and if you're ever on Maui, a must do! 
A few snaps from the day.....

Haleakala up next....

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