Monday, February 29, 2016

Makaha TT

Riding my bike fast is hard.

There are only a handful of TTs here on island and I figured this year was as good a year as any to see what they are all about. I did one last year (Castle to Hanauma) and realized that I didn't understand what riding my bike hard or fast really meant. I'm still not sure I fully understand. I keep thinking I'm having breakthroughs and maybe I am, but then I do another race or effort and realize I still have another gear. So, long story short, TTs are hard and I'm still trying to figure them out.

As is with most races here, this was super small, maybe 50-60 people and less than half of them women. I knew there would be a handful of ladies there that would be pretty speedy which would make for a "fun" morning and I was right. This was a super, super short TT and to make things even "worse", because of all the high surf we've been getting here lately, a portion of the road was closed, so the 18k course was shortened a bit more. Joy!

I tried to get in a decent warm up after my over an hour drive to get to the'd think everything is close when you live on an island...think again! I don't think I know how to warm up for these things yet and I could have used my pre-race warm up time a bit better (not sit in the car for as long, not chit-chat with everyone before the race), oh well, next time. And that's part of the beauty of these small local races, getting to see everyone, socialize and have a good time!  Before I knew it, it was time to start.

This race was a short, flat, fast five miles out and then just under 5 miles back. Kelsi was starting 30 seconds behind me and I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit anxious having her right behind me! Nothing like having a speedy little lady directly behind you in line. Motivation! She didn't catch me, but was very, very close and she did end up having an overall faster time! Great job lady (and time to change your FTP number...your coach has been informed)!!!

I really struggle with these short, hard, fast intervals, I much prefer riding my bike for a few hours as opposed to 20-25 minutes HARD. I'm definitely much better suited for the longer events or at least I'm more comfortable with them, but I also think doing races/activities that take you out of your comfort zone are great and only serve to benefit you in the future So, I'll keep plugging away at them and continue to learn more every-time.

Overall, it was a great day out there. Beautiful location, fast times, great friends, good people. Congrats to everyone that raced and hopefully see you next weekend at Castle to Hanauma!


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