Monday, March 28, 2016


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Let's try to squeeze 7 adults in a car made for 

I love my friends. I love, love. What a weekend!
This pretty much sums up the weekend....
This past week, I was lucky enough to get to go back to the mainland for a wedding. Although it takes FOREVER to get back to the east coast, it was definitely worth it. It's been almost 4 years (Napa 2012....can we go back?!) since the 6 of us have all been back together, on a trip for an extended period of time. Make me miss college. #32loves117. The hanging out and living together with not a care in the world part, not the swimming and going to class part. Although I do kind of, sort of miss the swimming part (I can't believe I just typed that). Anyways.....
My college girlfriends and I rented a condo right on the beach on Amelia Island and spent the weekend together just like old times. Everyone was sans kids and mostly sans significant others (Nate and Jake, you were troopers!).

The weekend was full of lounging, wedding festivities, rehearsal dinner, putt-putt on the golf course, going down memory lane, talking about the future, photo booth-ing, dancing, drinking, eating and celebrating us (and Trish and Brandon, of course). I also learned how to snapchat and faceswap and bitmoji...I'm not old yet!!
I can't believe we've all been friends for almost 15 years...maybe we are getting old! We live all over the country, Arizona, Colorado, DC, New Jersey, Hawaii and Florida....and to be able to get back together and not miss a beat after having not seen each other in ages is what friendship is all about.

However it's not like we don't communicate, sometimes I wake up to 64 text messages (no joke, it really was 64 the other morning) from our text string so we definitely keep in touch. I miss these girls so much and am so thankful we were able to have this just keeps getting more and more difficult to have these weekends as everyone gets married and starts having babies. So I am #thankful for times like this. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
I know I said this was #notsportrelated, but we are triathletes of course so we did manage to squeeze in a few runs while we were there. Leslie and Nate nearly killed me on one of them, but it was probably one of the better runs I've had, so thanks for that.

Great wedding, great friends, amazing weekend!  Thanks to the Rado and Rover families for having us. We'll come back anytime!

I'll leave you with a few more snaps (not snapchats) from the weekend....

Arizona with these peeps for the night and heading back home tomorrow...
Are they not the cutest kids ever?! 

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