Monday, February 3, 2014


Evil PT Paddles I got to experience thanks to Michelle! 

The view outside my office


Can you see him?


Mokes Swim...should have had waterproof camera! 
This picture does NOT do the sunrise this morning justice at all!!

Surf was massive this week. 
As was the wind

My attempt at a green and cilantro...
I now have basil going as well
Aaron's parents are in town...birthday dinner for Linda

Sharon's Ride

All the craze these days in schools...
harder than they look
Whipping winds...Aaron windsurfing 

What happens when it's rainy season...
I'll get a better one soon
Easy spin after work and brought home breakfast
So lucky to be able to be a part of SOAS and have the
 support of them as well as these other great brands!

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