Friday, February 28, 2014

February Musings...

I fell off the blogging wagon and when you fall off it's hard to get back on. So here's a little recap of what I've been up to this month, bullet point style!
  • I love the Olympics and am sad they are over, but happy to get my sleep schedule back on track...staying up to watch the games has made me one tired girl
    • My favorite moment of the Olympics, hands down, was when USA's Noelle Pikus-Pace lept into the stands after her last run in the sliding center...that's what the Olympics and racing is all about: the joy, elation and fulfillment you can get at the end of competition. You've put in so much time and effort to realize a goal and whatever that goal may be, you were able to accomplish what you set out to do. And being able to celebrate with your loved ones who have been there supporting you (in good times and in bad) all along is icing on the cake.
    • I would have loved to be able to watch a little bit of curling, but realize this is not a prime time coverage event, oh well. I hear they have a curling league at the Ice Palace here...any takers?? 
  • Aaron's parents were in town for a month! and we got A LOT of things done around the house: painting, new hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets and drawers reorganized to name a few things.

  • We have a new pet...Herman. He's been hanging out on our wall lately...however, he might have gone missing....

  • Well over 10,000 feet of climbing in 1 week on the bike a new personal record and my legs couldn't be happier! Loving the Pinerallo lately but.....

  • It's also time to dust off the TT bike as Lavaman is about a month away
  • Happy Hours with friends!

  • I don't even like Valentine's Day, silly Hallmark holiday, shouldn't you be nice to the people you care about everyday and not just 1 day a year?! I digress. Aaron and I agreed we weren't going to do anything special and I'm one lucky girl...Aaron, the Olympics, sushi and a bottle of wine, that's a great night for me!

  • Running and sunsets at Kakaako Park 
  • Mountain Bike races at Camp Timberline

Happy February!

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