Saturday, July 20, 2013


We've arrived in Washington (2 days ago) and let me tell you, it's beautiful. I've been told numerous times not to be fooled, that it's only like this for maybe 2 months of the year, but it's pretty nice. Cool weather, light for 12+ hours, Pacific Northwest summer, fresh fish, friends, a little racing and excursions planned for all next week!
Totally enjoying our time here so far. We've had such great hospitality and couldn't ask for better friends to be helping us make the most of our time here!

<<<<<<<---------We travel light

Friday morning we decided it was a good idea to try to get right on track with West Coast time so we go up at 5am and went on a short little shake out run with a few of Aaron's old friends. They usually meet on Thursday mornings before work for their THAMR (Thursday Morning Run), but were gracious enough to change their plans this week to accommodate their friend Aaron. So FRAMR it was! We didn't see any eagles, which is apparently a usual occurrence on the trails and paths here, but we did see some bunnies and a deer!
The trails and bike paths they have here are amazing! Isn't this great? I could run for hours on this trail (well I would like to think I could), but being able to have this scenery and be off the road with aggro drivers is a nice and welcome change. What a treat! 

But, I suppose if you want this then you have to deal with cold, grey, raining, miserable weather for 10 months out of the year...I think I'll stay put right where I am and just visit these places every once in a while. 

Saturday morning was full of race prep and logistics. We decided to go for a quick little spin in the morning before heading up to Lake Stevens for packet pickup and bike drop off  just to make sure the bikes were all good to go. Again I was able to experience the bike paths in the Woodinville area. Love them! We even went for a quick little jaunt into Chateau Ste Michelle. Would have loved to stop in for some wine tasting, but we will save that for Saturday night! 
Once we got to LS, everything was a breeze. Ironman is a well oiled machine and can churn you in and out of packet pick up and bike drop off with great efficiency. (I even got to finally meet Krista, now we can be real friends and not just FB, blog stalking friends!)
Perfect Pre-race lunch! Smoked
Salmon and noodles!
Once everything was settled we went down to the lake to check out the water. The air temp was a bit chilly, but the water was just right...I hope! After checking out the lake, I calmed down a bit, I was a little anxious about the cold air and cold water, but since the water will be ok, I'll be great!! 

Super excited for the race tomorrow and am looking forward to what they day has in store for us!!  

Not a bad place for pre race relaxation


  1. Hope your race went well. Flattered you are using my quote.

  2. Thanks Dane. It did go well! Super pumped about it!
    I saw your quote in a magazine and it really appealed to me...thanks for letting me use it...not that I asked, whoops!