Monday, July 8, 2013

A week of racing....

Fourth of July week is usually filled with lots of races over here on Oahu. I only did 1 (the second of the North Shore Swim Series, Waimea Bay Swim). 
What a fun's a little recap in pictures.
Aaron and the Lanikai Hui did the Da Hui SUP
race up on the North Shore
Michelle and I rode out to the boys race

Tourist pic 

We got to take the boat out to the Mokes and watch the fireworks from the water

Heading out to the Mokes

iphones don't take good fireworks pictures

Aaron and I pre race
post race run with M and G and Aaron
(he was just the one taking the pictures


Turtle Bay Sunset
Sunday morning bike ride pre FreedomFest

Aaron at FreedomFest

Wrong bike for this kind of race

 Only a little over a week left until the next big race. We leave for Lake Stevens a week from Thursday....

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