Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Biathlon

I've been lazy with the blog posting.....

My friend, Joy, convinced me to sign up with her to do the Valentine's Day Biathlon, a little local race put on by Waikiki Swim Club....a 5k run and 1000m swim. We decided to do the race as a team and entered the "just friends" division. Joy the runner and me the swimmer. Perfect, all I have to do is swim 1000m, sign me up!

Not quite that easy, I needed to get a run in before the race, so I got up at 3:45am on Sunday morning...crazy, yes, very crazy, the things we do for friends! :-) I ran a nice easy 8.5 before the race, so I got in a good warmup.

We were super excited for this fun little race and we wanted to go fast! But most importantly we wanted to have a great transition hand-off...I can't find the picture, but just believe me, it was the best "kiss" of the day, we totally should have won. Well, besides the proposal that happened in transition, that one takes the cake.

Joy, had a super fast run (I'm calling it sub 20minutes because that's what her watch said!), so fast that she was seeing stars by the end of the race. After that, I was off to swim. I ran past one person as I was heading into the water, hit the water and I was off. The first half of the race was great, I was swimming past, around, and through people, feeling pretty strong in the water (considering I'm only swimming once a week right now! ha).

As soon as I hit the turn around buoy, I knew I would be in a bit of trouble as the sun was rising. I knew I was going to have trouble sighting on the way home and I wasn't going to be able to see anything, it's always like that at Ala Moana in the morning. I took off from the two people that were hanging out on my feet, that got annoying pretty fast. So, I started swimming toward the only thing I could see, a yellow cap. I just hoped that he was swimming in the right direction an followed him the whole way in. It turns out that he was, thank goodness. I finished up my portion of the race in just over 16-minutes, not to shabby for someone who hasn't been swimming a ton, I'll take it!

Joy and I ended up winning our division and we were the 4th team if you look at the overall results. All-in-all a very successful and fun morning. Would totally do another biathlon with Joy...any day, anytime, anywhere!

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