Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Weekend

Long weekends are great for many reasons: sunrises, sunsets, long bike rides, fun runs and finally a day to sleep past 6am. If only Dave was here to have fun on these long weekends as well.   
This weekend started out with a great ride on Saturday morning. We rode from Kualoa Beach Park, where I got this pretty great sunrise picture, to Pupukea on the North Shore. Once we got to Pupukea, someone got the genius idea to ride to this Boy Scout Camp that's at the top of this hill..not a little hill, a pretty steep hill. From all of this hill climbing I've been doing on the bike lately, I better be prepared for the rolling hills of CdA! (But I did see that they happened to change up the bike course this year, to make it less technical and a think a little less hilly....stay tuned, a little over 4 months to go).    I was a bad on Friday and couldn't get in my run so to make up for it, I decided to run on Saturday after the bike. So since we were up there, we decided it might be fun to try to go run on Kualoa Ranch. This is a ranch that does horse rides, ATV rides and tours of movie sets. Lost, Jurassic Park and a few other major motion pictures were filmed on this ranch and we were right there, so let's try to go run. We drove a few miles down the road and got to a cattle gate and some barbed wire, climbed through the gate and off we went. It is beautiful back there, the one time I go running somewhere new and forget my camera!! Oh well, I'm sure I'll be back there in the near future and I'll be sure to snap some shots. The plan was to run until we got questioned, stopped or we hit the 30 minute mark, then turn around and head back to the car. Well, we made it all of about 14 minutes until we got caught. Apparently, you need a pass in order to run on private property....who knew?! ;-) So we turned around and headed back towards the main office. That was our next excuse if we got stopped, "I'm sorry, we were trying to find the main office to get our passes and we got lost." The main office was in our sights and we ran over a cattle gate (one of many) and were running toward this huge bull, as soon as we started through this pasture the bull stood up and stared at us. That was more than enough for me, I turned around and ran right out of there....to the main office and out of the park. Then it was a nice little run back to our car. All-in-all a great Saturday bike/run. I definitely want to get back to Kualoa Ranch, get a pass and run back there at some point, it would totally be worth it. Much nicer than running through regular old neighborhoods.

Sharks Cove ride pit stop

Sunday was a Tantalus run day, I love running on Tantalus, 5 miles up, 5 miles down. It's my favorite place to run a solid 10 miles! After that the obligatory, weekend Jamba stop, then off to Ala Moana for an easy 2k swim. 

Relaxing on the beach...thanks for the picture Jody
Monday was a great day. My rest day, a day off from work, a sleep in day and an afternoon spent lounging on the beach.

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