Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BOCA Training Weekend

Three days on the Big Island, 100+ miles of riding, 27+ miles running and a mile or two of swimming. Not too shabby for a quick little jaunt over to another island. 
The sunsets, waking up to waves crashing on the shore right outside your window, the wide open spaces and HUGE, clean bike lanes, the vog (ugh!), the wind (wait, there was no wind! total anomaly over there on the Big Island), hot, hot, hot, hilly runs on "the rollies", crystal clear ocean swims, turtles, Kona crabs, Manta Rays and most importantly the company made for a truly enjoyable training weekend! 

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking, nobody needs the nitty gritty of the whole weekend! I'll keep that to myself. 
Day 1:Today's big focus was a ride out to Waipio Valley, Old Mamalaoha Highway (possibly my favorite road ever to ride on, no cars, beautiful, sweeping, rolling, wide open, smoothly paved roads) and back to Waimea. We also swam some and ran a bit later in the day. 

Day 2: Another day of riding, this time to Hawi and then on to the end of the road at Pololu Valley.

We followed the ride up with a little run and then later in the day a swim and our traditional "BOCA Soup" to round out the day.
Day 3: We get the lifeguards at Hapuna Beach to set up the Honu swim course, buoys and all, and got to test out the waters. I sense a new tradition.....BOCA underwater photo op! This swim was amazing, I wish I had a camera of my own to use as the Manta Rays were playing in the water along the course. Super cool to get to swim with them up close and personal. 
We followed this up with our long run, just as it started to get hot, hot, hot! Great Honu prep! 

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend! and couldn't have done it without our great sherpas! You guys make this weekend possible! 

I didn't take all of these pictures, so thanks to everyone that did!  

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