Thursday, November 6, 2014


Lots, well maybe not lots, but some new things happening around here in the off-season. Here they are, bullet-point style.

  • I joined a gym. Yes, I live in Hawai'i, where you can train and be outside year-round and don't have to worry about cold, inclimate weather shoving you indoors for months on end. I caved. Since I'm not running right now and trying to remedy my stubborn foot situation, I needed something else do to, so I joined. It's been pretty fun actually, spin classes, body pump (a little off-season strength training, that I hope to continue year round, thanks for finally getting me to attend, Kendra), cardio with ellipticals, stair steppers(!) and stationary bikes and some free weights, TRX. It's been fun to change things up a bit and hopefully the gym will still come in handy when I get back in the swing of swimbikerun. It being open 24-hours and all will make squeezing in those extra sessions if I run out of daylight much easier. 
  • I've been toying with the idea of signing up for and racing the Double Roughwater swim here in December. It hasn't even been a month since Kona and I'm itching for something else. Not something like the Honolulu Marathon, which I, like many locals here got roped into signing up for back in January for $26 and will not do, but something I can have a little fun with and still keep the racing juices flowing. Haven't pulled the trigger and signed up just yet, but it's a definite possibility.
  • I sold my TT bike. It was a sad day, but I was ready and definitely need a new one. I used Aaron's SHIV at Kona and it was fabulous, I never knew you could be so comfortable on a bike! Love that ride. Many thanks for that. Now, I just need to find me a new TT bike that fits me like the SHIV, is comfortable and fast and won't put me in debt for the foreseeable future. Any ideas? 
  • I am signed up for a swim meet! WHAT!? Yes, a swim meet. Next week Tuesday, there is a little masters swim meet happening here on Oahu. The last time I swam at a swim meet was Patriots in February of 2006 and let's be honest, this will be NOTHING like that. Hopefully I remember how to dive off the blocks. A backstroke start, that could be interesting. What else am I going to do on Veteran's Day? Might as well sign up for a swim meet, should be super fun. IF we can get enough people to sign up so the event actually happens. (last year, I wasn't old enough to compete (you have to be 30) and they ended up not getting enough people signed up so the meet didn't happen. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen this year, I'm looking forward to a fun day at the pool with my swimming friends. We might even be able to put together a relay! Now wouldn't that be fun!  
  • We went bowling on Halloween. Got out of the house and away from any trick-or-treaters we might have had. I have been wanting to go bowling for months and months and months and since the season has finally come to an end we were able to go! I used to be on a bowling league with my Mom back in grad school and I really like bowling, It's a fun way to hang out with friends, while being semi active. I used to be a pretty good bowler (bowled over 200 once and usually averaged 140+), now, notsomuch. I only broke 100 once and didn't even get a strike! Oh well, still had a great time! 
  • Aaron and I got hooked on Breaking Bad and have been watching more episodes in a day than I would like to admit. If you haven't seen this series, it's a good one, but beware, you will spend your evenings (or time on the trainer if you are training for a late season race) glued to Netflix waiting to see what Hank and Jesse get into next. One more season to go and we can resume normal people evening socializing and relaxing. 
  • I would like to try to get in a few new hikes before the end of the year. This is the perfect time for that, so now to make it happen. 
That's all for now, Happy Off-Season! 

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