Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Thanks, Mariane for that #

17 more days until Kona...I may have just gotten goosebumps writing that. I can't believe we are so close. A week ago, it seemed like October 11 was very, very, very far away, now notsomuch. I'm super excited and can't wait for the day. But first.....

These past few weeks/months would not have been possible if it weren't for some amazing, fast, fit friends.

Getting in the long miles on the Big Island with the Kona crew. Long miles are longer and harder alone, even though we all ran basically alone, it was nice knowing there were others out there suffering as well.
Friday night track session with Raul and Mariane. Cold water, fresh fruit and good times. The family and work time Raul has missed to spend time at the track with the two of us has been invaluable, I can't say "Obrigado" enough. (we even convinced Tim, Gary and Michelle to join us a few times...and now it's running season, so hopefully Aaron can join us in these last few sessions..track is always better with friends!).
100+ mile ride with Mariane and Michelle (her longest ride ever!!!). Who gets up at 5:30 on a Saturday and says, sure I'll ride 100+ miles with you guys?....even though I've never done it before and was planning on *only* riding 70. Michelle does! And then goes on to run 20 miles with you the next day....not many people would do that just because and that's one reason why she's amazing! "Wanna ride 100 miles and then run 20 (not slow miles) the next day?" Who says yes to that justforfun!?
 Loooooooooong Big Island miles.
Thanks, Dr. Zen for putting me back together and keeping me from falling apart!
The Wednesday morning swim gang..Michelle, Nalani, Mark, Sergio, Marcy, Kendra. You guys make the laps much more enjoyable.
Can always count on these two to join us for trips around the island on our bikes. Only a few more rides left. Thanks boys!

As the days dwindle, I'm thankful for everyone who has helped me get this far. Definitely wouldn't have been as fun without you all. I know there have been many, many more people and for everything, I am grateful. Thanks for all the kind words, delicious smoothies, not getting annoyed with me for riding the trainer in the house when it's 90+ degrees outside and I make being in the house loud, hot and just altogether not pleasant (Aaron, sorry! and thanks), words of encouragement even when I didn't want to hear them and they probably just made me angry and the list goes on....

Counting down the days!

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