Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Last week Thursday/Friday was dinner/picture-taking/photo-shoot time spent with a bunch of great athletes and individuals here on Oahu. It was the annual BioAstin Ambassador dinner where we got the opportunity to meet and socialize athletes from the other islands, in addition we got to meet Nutrex Hawaii management (the brains behind the business!).

I love Hawaii offers us an environment that lets us be healthy, happy and active year-round. Being able to always meet people and have new experiences is something I love about this place!

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the enjoyable time we had last week. Many more to come soon

pretending to be yogis
 strong, beautiful ladies..I'm a giant
 better luck next time, Mariane

and on Sunday, after Kawela, Aaron, Raul, Hina and I went on a hike

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