Thursday, July 10, 2014


Oh how I've been neglecting you lately, blog, I'm sorry.
June 22

"Turning 30: it's all a big joke until it happens to you." Well it's more like, "the next thirty years will be the best years of my life." I can't believe I'm 30! What?! How did that happen?

It all started out as a regular Sunday Worlds shop ride from BOCA. I should have known something was up when Aaron kept insisting that I take out the Pinarello for the ride instead of my TT bike. But I have Kona ride training on my mind and was set on doing my long rides on my TT bike. Lesson learned. We showed up at the shop ready to go with the usual crowd (I learned later he sent out this massive FB message to people to try to round up a huge group for a long-ish social birthday ride for ME...thanks to all who came!). I let the boys decide where we went seeing as how they had Cycle to the Sun the following weekend and this was their last long-ish ride before they it was a Pali/east side with Sierra Drive climb at the end (see, climbing, should have listened and took the Pinarello!).

We got back to the shop, unloaded bikes, grabbed clothes and in I walked to balloons, brunch, cupcakes and a World Cup watching birthday party!  Not what I thought we were going to be doing for my birthday, but it was a great time and such a surprise (until someone may have said some things on the ride that got me a little curious, I thought something was up, but wasn't totally sure, good thing I'm sometimes clueless, for the surprise's sake anyways). A World Cup tie (I think, I can't remember, soccer scores and stats don't stick with me) for USA, a nice little Sunday ride, a fun party and time to hang out and relax with friends, all made for an excellent birthday.
He's a keeper!
My Mom made these shirts for one of my races and asked what size to make for Aaron, I told her medium and I guess I should have specified MEN's medium. Regardless, he still wore it and wore it again for me for my day! What a great man!

Thanks, Aaron for putting together such a great morning/day, so thoughtful and couldn't have asked for a better day with better people! Raul and Hina, thanks for letting us use the shop for my party! M & G, thanks for helping Aaron get all set up while I remained clueless (for the most part). And everyone that came out for the ride/game/food/good times, I appreciate it and it made my day very special!

AND what birthday is complete without a birthday swim!? Michelle, Nalani and Mark treated me to a stellar birthday swim Monday morning, the day after. I believe Michelle put it best, "I'm glad Lectie only turned 30 and not 40 because 10 more 100s would have killed me" or something like that.  A special 30x100s was swum, it wasn't your standard 30x100, of course it had a twist. And I, cannot even remember what the twist was. I hate when I forget to write down great swim sets! Sorry! If you want to know what it was, I'm sure Michelle can inform you. Thanks for the swim Kaneohe morning swim crew!


  1. Petty sure the 30x100s was done as 3 rounds: 8 ALL OUT MAX effort on long-ish rest (like 30") then 2 easy recovery... Brutal! :)

    1. Oh right! And each round you get faster. It's all coming back to me now. I must have blocked it from my memory!