Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lanikai Tri

Photo Credit Amy Harpstrite
Lanikai Triathlon....hands down, the BEST triathlon/race on the island. Raul, Hina and the folks at BOCA do such a great job with this event...the support, police escorts, volunteers, organizers, sponsors (BOCA Hawaii, Jamba Juice, JACO, Planet Sun), treats and entertainment after the race, they make this a race worth putting on your list that's for sure! This is the third year I've raced Lanikai and third time's a charm! 

Typically there hasn't been great weather for this race...we are getting toward the end of our rainy/wet winter season here so we have to put up with a little bit of rain and cooler weather for a few months....two years ago it was pouring rain, last year ended up being a nice day, that started out a bit soggy and this year the water had a bit of chop, which made for some more difficult ocean swimming conditions (yay!) and the winds were whipping. Weather makes no difference, this is still a top-notch event! Getting to swim in the ocean, ride along the coast (for parts) and run through a beautiful loop on the Windward side of the island always makes for a great time!
THE SWIM: As I said before, the swim was choppy! I never used to be a fan of the chop, coming from a pool swimming background where everyone stays in their own lane and stays in their own spot, but I've learned to LOVE it! The more chop, the better, embrace the conditions, practice in them and you will also learn to love them! Disclaimer: It's always nice to swim in crystal clear, calm ocean water...cue Honu in a few weeks. Back to the race...I was super happy with my swim and being first (female) out of the water once again! But truly, I was second to Jakob Dewald, super swimmer and triathlete, who ended up placing 3rd out world he is only 17!

 Photo Credit Mike Schmitt
THE BIKE: If you've been following along, this is where I have struggled in the past, my nemesis and what I'm working on improving this year. I am trying to stay positive, keep pushing forward and put in the work necessary to turn in some respectable bike splits and I think my work is starting to pay some small dividends. This year there was a police escort for the female leader which hasn't happened in the past...when I saw those blue lights and motorcycles it wasn't something I was going to give up! Having a police escort is super fun and motivating. It sure keeps me going!The bike was windy, short, fast and fun...FUN! I said a bike ride/race was fun! That's progress! Baby Steps!
Photo Credit Sau Hsu
THE RUN: Just a little loop around Lanikai with a finish along the beach. Thank goodness it was hard sand and not the soft stuff we dealt with at Lavaman. I would have liked to have been a little faster on the run, but I can't complain. Ended the race 1st OA female and 8th OA! My first win! Couldn't have happened at a better race. That's exciting and I'm super happy with how the day went!

and....I got to meet Erin...another SOAS lady visiting from Carlsbad, CA! 

Thanks BOCA Hawaii, Jamab Juice, JACO and Planet Sun Hawaii for putting on such a great event! What a way to end the morning, with great friends at the beach!  

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