Monday, March 24, 2014

Come Sail Away

Some people were sailing, some people were sailing away and some people were....seasick (me).
All-in-all a great Saturday night with the BOCA crew.

On Saturday we got the opportunity to go on a sunset sail on the North Shore with the BOCA coaches and staff. What a cool experience, minus the seasickness...still totally worth it. Thanks Raul!

"We" caught a mahi, saw a shark (that's the closest I've ever been to a shark, in real life (and I'm sticking to that fact even though Aaron qualified that statement with, "that you know of"), saw at least twenty whales, with some full breaching (within a couple hundred yards of the boat at times) and flipper waving, had a gorgeous sunset and most importantly got to spend time with great friends.

The evening in a few pictures....

Pre SeaSickness

starting to not feel well
not a good one, but the start of seeing the breaching whales 

Thanks RR for the sunset pic, as I was incapacitated at the time

There will likely be a sweet GoPro video created and uploaded by TeamRael, once it's up I'll try to get the link and share, it'll be much better than these pictures.

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