Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Favorite Run

I've done this run a handful of times in the past, but now since I live less than 5 miles away, I think it's going to become a go-to weekday, after-work kind of run.  It's hilly, there's no traffic, it's peaceful, it's hilly, it's beautiful and it's the botanical gardens. Who wouldn't want to run when you can run in a place like this!? It's gorgeous!

It's the "off-season" now, at least for swimbikerun-ing. Living in Hawaii it's hard to find an off-season since it's nice year round and unless you set an off-season for yourself, I think you run the risk (unless you are careful, have knowledge about what you are doing and why, have a coach, etc) of training hard year round and running yourself into the ground, digging yourself into a hole and having a tough time getting out, just my own thoughts. So now, for me, it's time to build strength, rest and get ready for the marathon...nice off-season right!? I think so. 

Anyways, back to my new favorite run. I think I might have blogged about it before, but I can't find it and it's not worth looking since I know Michelle has. She's got some pictures in her post, but actually being there and running that road is what makes it such an incredible run. I have yet to make it down/up, not really sure, to this little lake that is tucked back in the gardens somewhere, but I will make it there soon! Doesn't just seeing these pictures make you want to get out there and going for a run!? I sure want to and I was just there last night.

If you ever find yourself on Oahu and want a nice place to run, off the roads, away from the congestion that is Waikiki, I highly recommend checking out Ho'omaulhia Botanical Gardens on the Windward Side.

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