Tuesday, March 26, 2013


To sum up my Sunday Ride.. 4 flats (and frost burned hands from CO2 cartridges), 2 crashes, 1 broken crank arm (that was me?!), and 85 cold, soggy miles from BOCA to Yokohamas and back (thanks Ryan)

This is what the radar looked like when we woke up on Sunday morning....
see that little speck of dry...that's what we were hoping for....no dice
When in reality, Michelle posted this......and this is what it was actually doing on Oahu ALL day long on Sunday... 
Raining on the island, let's go for a ride! We saw the first radar and decided to head west, because, well, it never rains out in Waianae on the WestSide. Ha. Were we ever wrong. The first half of the ride went really well, we stayed relatively dry with very few mishaps. Although, I did get a little cranky from Makaha to the end of the road. But somehow I managed to get out of my head and turn it around for the ride back home. That is until my left crank arm just completely fell off?! What?! How does that happen, I guess when you get new cranks and the bolts aren't torqued tight enough, one of the crank arms will fall off. Thank goodness I was able to keep my bike upright and thank goodness Ray was there to save the day and reattach my arm until we got back to the shop! From that point on, it was just push, push, push, no more stopping until we get back. We made it, safe and sound and all in one piece, even with the crashes, wet roads, broken crank arms  and flats....what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

It was an eventful ride, definitely character building. Not a ride anyone would want to do on their own, it's good to have other crazy friends who will share in your pain on any given day (I do get the value of tough, painful, mental workouts you should do on your own as well).
If only you could really see how gritty, muddy, wet and dirty we all were
A good time was had by all. Hopefully next weekend we can stay dry!

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